Thursday, October 2, 2014

One Santa Fe

A few years ago, I was wandering around Santa Fe Avenue checking the progress of the First Street Viaduct widening project.  I saw a flyer affixed to a pole about a protest against a big development project.  It was just the sort of thing I would object to if it were happening in my own neighborhood.  The protesters did not prevail, and One Santa Fe is in the late stages of construction.  A few of the units are already leased.

It's a fancy place in what's called the Arts District, which is filling up with places artists can't afford.  It's huge--"the Empire State Building on its side."  here's the price list, according to Curbed.

Studios (*343 to 670 square feet): $1,480 to $2,035
One-bedroom/one-bathroom (526 to 690 square feet): $1,980 to $2,410
One-bedroom/one-bathroom (703 to 913 square feet): $2,135 to $3,135
Two-bedroom/two-bathroom (899 to 982 square feet): $2,385 to $2,810
Two-bedroom/two-bathroom (1,002 to 1,103 square feet): $2,460 to $2,810
Two-bedroom/two-bathroom townhouse (1,241-1,422 square feet):$3,585 to $4,530

I'm all for Tiny House Living, but 343sq. ft. should be a lot cheaper than that.

But here's the surprise--I like the way it looks.  It's like a shiny version of the surrounding architecture.  I like the angles and the vermilion color.

On the other hand, I think it won't be long before everyone forgets this was the arts district.

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