Tuesday, October 7, 2014

One Santa Fe and the Citizens Warehouse Building

I was amused to see a Curbed LA post from May 2014, calling this project the "Almost Finished Nail  in the Arts District Gentrification Coffin." I can see the buildings as rather coffin-like in shape too. The complex as a whole is a quarter of a mile long.  The only thing to do is to photograph what's left of the arts district as it used to be.  I'm starting here, on the next block.

This is Center Street, a block away from One Santa Fe.  It was on the telephone pole in front of  the magnificent blooming tree that I  first saw the flyer protesting the construction of One Santa Fe.  The building with windows boarded is another story.  It's the Citizens Warehouse Building.  It used to have artists studios, but when the first street bridge was widened, a section had to be cut off.  It's an historic building and was intended to be restored.  Now the bridge is open, but the Citizen's Warehouse still has plywood boards on the side facing the bridge. 

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