Monday, November 17, 2014

What They're Building Now

AVA Apartments is leasing now as they put the finishing touches on this development at 2nd and Los Angeles Streets in Little Tokyo.  I wondered who Ava was and learned that its Avalon Bay Communities, a big developer with a lot of buildings in the states of the East, West and Gulf Coasts, but none in Wisconsin, Nebraska or Missouri.  It looks just like a lot of what is being built these days.  According to AVAs website, currently available 1 bedroom apartments cost from $2,180 to 2,864 per month.

I wondered what these sculptural doodads were.

In my perverse mind, I thought of canine urinary stations.
 However, neither Buddy, the Golden Retriever about to cross the street, nor the two Corgis I saw earlier were interested.  I'll go there one evening, because there real function seems to be as light reflectors.  

Dogs are welcome at the AVA, and their owners are provided with conveniences.
They say they have a dog spa, whatever that is.  

Here's another view of the project.

It's not completely gray, and might even be a nice place to live. It got good reviews on Yelp.

It's just too bad the people on the sidewalk in front of Baba Perfumes, next door, can't afford to live there.  I don't think the man sitting on the fire hydrant in the first picture can either, and I know I can't.

I went back one evening in January to see those "sculptural things" after dark.

Although the AVA opened in December 2014, the lower floor, where the retail is supposed to be, is still empty, according to this Curbed L.A. article.

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